News and Info
Current Board Members
October 14, 2017


Chairman:   Ian Pops 

Vice chairman:  Rich Hull

Secretary:   Colin Fowell

Treasurer:   Cindy Hull

Staffing Coordinator: Rich Hull 

Food services:     Karen Freier

Registration/Camper Follow Up:   Suzanne Taylor 

Event Coordinator:  OPEN

Social Media Coordinator: Jesse Kane 

Promotions: Jesse Kane

Health and Wellness Coordinator: Krystal Larivee

Bible Lesson Coordinator: OPEN

Members at large:
                                    Max Kaiser
                                    Michael Gauthier


If you are interested in becoming more involved in helping plan camp, please contact us!  We have many different areas that you could lend a hand or even offer something new!!

Camp is finished for the season
October 14, 2017

Camp is finished for the season:

We have changed the name of Junior Camp to Intermediate Camp, hopefully this will avoid some confusion.

Discovery Camp ages 7-8:            13-15 August 2017
Intermediate Camp  ages 9-11:    15-20 August 2017
Junior High Camp  ages 12-14:     21-27 August 2017

We are busy planning for the upcoming camp season.  Content will be changing frequently
Come back soon!

If you have been involved with camp and would like to be part of the board that plans camp please let us know.  Some board positions are vacant and new people are needed to fill these important positions.  If you want to see this ministry continue we need your help!!


What To Bring To Camp
August 14, 2017
What To Bring:

Sleeping Bag
Bathing suit
Running shoes
Bug spray and sunscreen
Money for missionaries
Tropical outfit for Banquet ( Jr. High Camp ONLY)

What NOT To Bring:

Comic Books
Electronic Games
Cell Phones
Junk Food

Please Note: Campers are responsible for there own belongings. Please Mark all of your belongings, and check the lost and found before leaving camp.